Saturday, May 21, 2011

Extreme Makeover- Chandelier Edition

So, a few months ago it dawned on me how much I hated the chandelier above our kitchen table.  After seeing it at Home Depot for under 40 bucks, I realized the builder must have just picked the cheapest thing out there.  Not my taste at all:


I decided to make a trip to the Habitat For Humanity Store downtown.  If you haven't gone, go.  It's full of randomness!  I've bought cool old hardbacks, spray paint, you name it.  This trip I left with this beauty:

Ok, so brass isn't exactly the look I was going for so I decided to spray paint it.  The great thing about spray painting an old $25 chandelier is that if you hate the color, you can just spray over it.  Before you start, be sure to remove the little white plastic tubes.

And, voila!

It actually looks almost wrought iron at night, but during the day it's very purple.  Totally not for everyone, but I enjoy how kinda funky it is. :)  I actually installed it myself, which makes the husband happy.... he's not too into home decor!

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