Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The husband says no....

So, I've been wanting some comfy seating on our back porch since we got married.  My husband thinks the dining table and chairs we have out there is good enough.  But it's just not as comfortable as sitting back with a cold drink in hand on this:

My friend over at The Steen Style brought this awesome set to my attention!  It's currently on sale at Home Depot for $299.99 and FREE SHIPPING!  Did you read that? FREE SHIPPING!!!  I emailed it to my husband and he still says no. :(  Will I ever get the comfy seating my little heart desires?  I mean, a girl needs a place like this to read her girlie books and drink Skinny Girl Margaritas, right?!

UPDATE: He realized we'd never find a deal as great as this and finally agreed!  Actually, I think he was just tired of hearing about it....  Either way, momma's happy! Haha!

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  1. I say do it... Big Daddy doesn't make the rules.