Friday, April 1, 2011

Goodwill! Good Find!

So, a couple weeks ago I drove past a Goodwill store and decided to run in real quick.  I came across this square wood end table.  It had two stickers on it: "50% Off" and "$19.99".  I thought, surely $19.99 IS the half-off price, but I was wrong!  The sucker was $9.99!  "SOLD!" I said.  Here it is getting some primer:

After a solid white coat of primer, on goes the yellow...."Here comes the sun... doo, doo, doo, doo...."
Then, to bring out all the detail of this little beauty I added a brown glaze.  Van Dyke Brown from Sherwin Williams is my fave.  If you are new to glazing, it's super easy.  Just paint on and wipe off.  Don't mess with buying cloth rags for the wiping.  You know that old t-shirt of your husbands that's been around longer than you have?  That'll do!  Here's the finished product.

I absolutely love the original hardware!  Total cost: $17.00 Total time: 2 hours.  Whadya think?

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  1. THIS IS SOOOOO COOL! Love it. Van Dyke Brown is my favorite too. Great work doll.